By Dr George Kakavas – Acting Director of the National Archaeological Museum and Director of the Numismatic Museum

(Translated in English by Matt Gkikas)

The concepts of passion, vision and mission delineate a triptych within which the idea, conception and realisation of art at the highest level are incarnated. Art that exalts love and admiration for Greece, its starting point being the ancient Greek Kallos, its messenger the creations of Josh Garrick, its final destination the National Archaeological Museum and its devotees all those amongst us who were born Greek, or consider themselves Greek.

Josh Garrick wandered like Ulysses, pursuing endlessly, endeavouring arduously and devising ingeniously in order to approach his own Ithaca, in order to conceptualise and render through his art and technique the Kallos of “classical” sculpture at its apogee. As his creations bear witness, he succeeded.

He has proven himself to be a mature master, an experienced art traveller and a humble creator who succeeded in fulfilling his lifelong dream, offering his precious wares at the “altar” of classical art that is the First Museum of Greece, the enviable National Archaeological Museum.

The unexpected angles from which Josh’s sensitive lens captures the Museum exhibits –printed on aluminum– set up a visual dialogue between the unique artist’s works and the chosen exhibits within the Museum walls, where they “live and breathe”. This gave Josh Garrick the ticket –the opportunity– to be the first non-Greek artist in the world to exhibit his work at the National Archaeological Museum.
Josh Garrick’s irrepressible passion for the pursuit of ancient Greek beauty led him to realise his vision and exhibit his photographic creations at the National Archaeological Museum, amongst the sources of his inspiration and thus accomplish his mission and fervently proclaim his love and admiration for the timeless values and the universal ideals hidden in every manifestation of ancient Greek Kallos as idea, as expression, as ideal and as creation.

I am happy as Acting Director to stand by Josh’s side and help him bring his vision to life, welcome him to exhibit his exceptional works at the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum closest to his heart.